I have been thinking a lot about the idea of karma and decided to Google it and see what I came up with besides some notion that was planted in my mind (and I think in most of our minds).

  1. Karma – stuff that happened in a past life that created your present circumstances that you have no control over
  2. THE luxury electric sports car the Fiskar Karma!
  3. Stuff you do now that creates your future circumstances that you have control over
  4. An app you can buy for $79 that allows you to shop?


Well #3 stood out for me, I could see how my actions have consequences NOW and I have control over them.  And as far as meditation goes this is the ultimate examination of how we create karma through our thoughts, then our words, and definitely our actions.

When we sit down and meditate we are learning at first not to listen to our thoughts but to listen to our breath and the simplicity of the moment by moment experience of sensations measured against the torrent of thoughts that flow sort of next to this moment of sitting and breathing and doing nothing.  As we “practice” day in and day out we cultivate greater self- awareness and can manage the flow a little better. 

Where karma is concerned though we can use meditation to gently examine the nature of our thoughts, are they negative?  Are they related to situations, people or things that we want some control over or have lost control of?   At the most minute level we can see that by focusing our attention on negative thoughts about others or ourselves we are creating a sort of karmic response.  For example if we are thinking something negative about someone and they walk into the room, how do we feel about them, how are we going to treat them in that moment and what is the outcome likely to be?  This is the chain of karma, THOUGHTS, WORDS, ACTIONS, and OUTCOME. 



Take three deep breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, blowing as slowly as you can.  You will notice your inner “engine” slowing down by the third breath.

Now allow the breath to flow in and out of the nose without force and notice how your body is feeling today, where you are sitting, what is supporting your body and make subtle adjustments to get comfortable and aligned.

As you breathe you can note the inhale and the exhale by saying the words silently to yourself for a few minutes.  Then let go of “doing” the meditation and just let yourself be, breathing, resting, becoming aware of all your sensations.  When the mind goes on its tirade of wanting to be listened to (I guarantee this will happen), you can pull yourself away by taking a nice deep breath and then silently noting the quality of the thought, NOT THE STORY BEHIND THE THOUGHT, just “negative”, “past” that sort of thing.  Take another breath and say to yourself during the inhale, “I am” and on the exhale “letting go”.  Practice noticing your thoughts, and then letting go.  And see where this leads you in your words and actions and the karma you create everyday!!


Wishing you peace and good karma – Lori