During the holiday season we have a heightened sense of awareness as each celebration brings us closer to the end of one cycle and opens the door for something new and yet undiscovered.  We all observe the holidays in different ways, some of us like to tuck in at home, and others like to travel, some to visit family, or to explore distant lands. Each unique experience holds a sort of magic and discovery!

We can bring this magic and discovery into our everyday lives with meditation practice.  We have developed the habit of needing an excuse a holiday to celebrate life, or to enjoy the fact that life is always changing, but the truth is everything comes to an end and something new begins again.  Everything changes this is the one thing in life we can count on! 


Meditation is a form of observing the never-ending cycle of how things fall away into the past and continue to open up to something new.  To get there you ride the breath and learn to observe and manage the wandering mind.  Imagine during your meditation that your heart, your breath and your spirit that reside deep inside of you are your home.  Your meditation practice is like leaving all the chaos and distractions behind and going home for a holiday. 


The Practice:

Sit in a comfortable place, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, like you are blowing on a candle.  Now allow the breath to flow through the nostrils and get soft and even, it’s natural state.  Notice how your body is feeling, and make subtle adjustments to get comfortable.  Breathe into the center of your being, letting your heart open and your belly and chest grow soft around it.  As the mind begins to wander, (as is its habit), imagine that each thought or distraction is like leaving home.  When you notice that your mind has wandered away from your breath and body, simply remind yourself to follow the soft slow breath as it happens naturally and notice how you can draw yourself away from the thoughts and back in to the center, to your home. 

Practice for 2 minutes – 22 minutes. Ride the breath home and discover the magic of peace that lives inside of you!


Wishing you joy!