I am packing to go on our 10th annual summer trip to a little island in Maine and playing in the back of my mind like a mantra are the sweet memories of the place and immediately I feel at peace!  Pure tranquility, no cars, no stores, no schedule!! 

I breathe deeply as I walk on trails and crooked old footpaths bordered by the sweet smell of rose hips and accompanied only by the sound of a foghorn out at sea or the distant peel of laughter from a cottage across the field. My senses are alive and alert.


It strikes me that when I am there I am in an almost constant state of meditation.  I walk everywhere, to meet friends, go to the beach or drop into the library, breathing deeply and observing everything around me with a keen sense of smell and sight.  Even the food tastes better; cooking is a creative sort of Zen meditation, and I savor the taste of everything!


Why do I give myself permission to live like this?  Because I am on vacation, utterly allowing myself to be PRESENT and enjoy the moments as they pass one to the next.

This is the ultimate meditation vacation and the rules of thumb are fairly simple as I review them now for you, it inspires me to remember to bring some of this concept back home to enjoy the life I live even more year round!


Breathe deeply as you walk from place to place observing all the sights and sounds (walk more, its summer after all and the traffic and parking are at an all time high!).  If you have to drive, take a deep breath every time you stop at a light or to let people cross the street and wonder at the beautiful place you live.

Enjoy the simple tasks of summer, washing beach towels, sweeping sand, preparing food, spending time with family and friends and allow yourself to listen wholeheartedly, just being present is enough! 


Let the joys of summer warm your heart and carry you into the next season!