The constant train of thoughts we all have are a habit formed over years and years of practice.  Imagine what the mind was like before all that noise.  Before we started inputting thoughts and feelings and opinions, what was there?  Could it have been an empty peaceful space?

Your breath is the key to finding that peace again.  When we practice meditation we use the breath to guide us away from the noise and distraction of the mind and into the simplicity of sitting, being present and listening with all of our awareness to this simple harmonious pattern of breath.  in, out, in, out.  Its so easy it’s difficult!

The fact that our breath, as simple as it is can guide us to that place comes as a surprise at first.  Try this,  breathe in naturally without force and then  breathe out, repeat a few times.  Notice if you can observe it rather than controlling it.   It isn’t complicated, it is a natural function of the body, an AUTOMATIC response.  There is no ongoing argument in our minds, some dialogue or analysis of  “should I breathe like this or like that, should I breathe now, or wait a few hours”!  We just DO IT!!  This is why the breath is our key, our touchstone, our anchor back from the journey of the wild ride on the train of thoughts to the peace train, that is our natural uncluttered, undistracted state of being!

Now sit, get comfortable and take three deep breaths to start, notice how your body feels and how the breath feels, is it stiff, shallow, uncomfortable or easy, open and relaxed. OBSERVE it, nothing more, just keep breathing!

Now as your breathing slows begin to say to yourself, “inhale” as you naturally breathe in, and “exhale” as you naturally breathe out.  Try this for a minute and notice how you feel and let me know.

May you find peace –   Lori